Kumamoto Electric Railway

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Kumamoto Electric Railway
Kumamoto Dentetsu 6228A.jpg
A 6000 series train
Line length 13.1 km (8.1 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Kikuchi(until 1986)
10.8 Miyoshi
(F) 0.0
(F) 2.3 Fujisakigū-mae
0.0 Kami-Kumamoto
(F) - Fujisaki Line

The Kumamoto Electric Railway (熊本電気鉄道?, Kumamoto Denki Tetsudō) is a public transport company in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. It is abbreviated as Kumamoto Dentetsu (熊本電鉄?) or Kumaden (熊電?). The company was founded in 1909. The company operates railway and bus lines.


  • Kikuchi Line (菊池線)
    • Kami-Kumamoto — Miyoshi: 10.8 km (6.7 mi)
  • Fujisaki Line (藤崎線)
    • Kita-Kumamoto — Fujisakigū-mae: 2.3 km (1.4 mi)

A short section of the Fujisaki Line shares its track with public road, like a tram line.

Rolling stock[edit]


The forerunner of the company, Kikuchi Tramway (菊池軌道?), was established in on 15 August 1909, and opened the 914 mm (3 ft) gauge steam-hauled line from Ikeda Station (池田駅?) (close to the present-day Kami-Kumamoto Station) to Sendanbatamachi Station (千反畑町駅?) (present-day Fujisakigū-mae Station) on 1 October 1911.[2] On 27 August 1913, the line between Ikeda and Waifu Station (隈府駅?) (later named Kikuchi) was opened.[2]

From 31 August 1923, the line was converted to 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge and electrified at 600 V DC.[2]

The current section of the Kikuchi Line between Kita-Kumamoto and Kami-Kumamoto opened on 1 October 1950, resulting in two lines between those stations, the original via Fujisakigū-mae and the new line.[2] In June 1953 the original line from Kami-Kumamoto to Fujisakigū-mae closed.[2] The 13.5 km Miyoshi to Kikuchi section closed on 16 February 1986 due to falling patronage.[2]

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