Kumbari dan Sharefa

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Kumbari dan Sharefa (reigned 1731–1743) was a Hausa King (Sarkin) of Kano. He succeeded Mohammed Sharef and is remembered for his high taxation on the Kurmi Market.[1]


  1. ^ R.A. Adeleye (1976). "Hausa land and Borno 1600-1800". In Ajayi, J. F. Ade; Michael Crowder. The History of West Africa (2 ed.). Columbia University Press. p. 596. ISBN 0-231-04103-9. His successor, Kumbari, is said to have almost killed Kurmi market by his excessive taxation. He taxed even the learned men - mallams - and it was on account of his extortions that there were disturbances in Kano, leading to the departure of Arabs from the city for Katsina.