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Kundera is an open-source "Polyglot Object Mapper" with a JPA interface. The idea behind Kundera is to make working with NoSQL Databases drop-dead simple and fun.

Kundera is being developed with following objectives:

  • To make working with NoSQL as simple as working with SQL
  • To serve as JPA Compliant mapping solution for NoSQL Datastores.
  • To help developers, forget the complexity of NoSQL stores and focus on Domain Model.
  • To make switching across data-stores as easy as changing a configuration.

Kundera currently supports following data stores :

  • Cassandra
  • MongoDB
  • HBase
  • Redis
  • OracleNoSQL
  • Neo4j
  • Couchdb
  • Kudu
  • Relational databases
  • Apache Spark

Kundera is also a Czech surname. It may refer to:

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