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For the drum, see Kundu (drum).

The Kundu (कुंडू) is a surname (clan) of Jats found in India.


In Northern India most of the Kundu people are associated with agriculture. Dilip Singh Ahlawat has mention it as one of the ruling Jat clans in Central Asia.[1] A city named Kundila is mentioned in Mahabharata, the inhabitants of this were known as Kundu. They are also mentioned as descendants of rishi Kondilya.[2]

The Mahabharata Tribe - Kundivisa (कुण्डी विष) - A tribe with professional soldiers who fought on both sides in Great War, they constituted a wing in Yudhisthira's army in Mahabharata (VI.46.49).

पिशाचा दरदाश चैव पुण्ड्राः कुण्डी विषैः सह
मडका कडकाश चैव तङ्गणाः परपङ्गणाः (VI.46.49)

The Mahabharata Tribe - Kundivisa (कुण्डी विष) may be identified with Jat Gotra - Kundu (कुंडू).

Mahabharata Shalya Parva mentions names of combatants armed with diverse weapons and clad in diverse kinds of robes and ornaments, All of them came to the ceremony for investing Kartikeya with the status of generalissimo. Shalya Parva in Sanskrit mentions in shloka 53 Kundu along with Kapahis as under:

द्रॊण शरवाः कपिस्कन्धः काञ्चनाक्षॊ जलं धमः
अक्षसंतर्जनॊ राजन कुनदीकस तमॊ ऽभरकृत ।। 53 ।।

Panini mentions Kaunduparatha, as a part of Trigarta, Jullundur kingdom. The Kulun, mentioned by Panini, are the Kahlon Jats, Kuluta, Kālān, Krishna of the Puranas, Resident of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. The Kuninda, however, are the Kundus. The Coins of Their King Amogha Bhuti, (King of Kunindas) have been found at Tappamev District Hoshiarpur, Punjab. According to Vayu Purana the Kundus were living on the banks of the Sita river in Central Asia. It is identified as the Tarim river.[3] J.C. Vidyalankar says it is the Yarkand river or Jarafshan, still called Sito, by the Chinese.[4] A city, Kundus on the Pamirs, is named after them (116- Through the Pamirs. p. 209) Sabha Parva Mentions a people called Kundaman, along with the Hans, Sibi and Paur.[5]


Mostly this clan is concentrated in Haryana. They are also found in Alwar, Jaipur districts of Rajasthan, in Meerut District of Uttar Pradesh and in Madhya Pradesh. Kundu's are also found in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Distribution in Haryana[edit]

Kundu Jats are found in Jind, Hissar, Bhiwani, Kaithal, Panipat, Rohtak, Sonipat, Palwal, Allika, Rajola, Yadupur, Kerako, Kakrali Districts in Haryana. Only and only Khark Gagar village is famous in Jind (Haryana) Kundu's village. Khark Gagar village is also called Ramphal Kundu's Khark(ex.MLA).

Villages in Jind District[edit]

KALWA is the largest village in Jind Dist having Kundu Title. This village is known for the historic “Surya Kund” temple. The nearby villages having kundu title are Kalawati, Kharakgager, Hoshirapura, Burain and Pillukhera.

Famous woman wrestler Suman Kundu, who won bronze medal in women's wrestling in the 63 kg freestyle category at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, [6] hails from Kalwa in the Jind district of Haryana.[7]

Villages in Hisar district[edit]

In Hisar district they live in tehsil Barwala where Pabra, Kinala, Faridpur, Khairi, Kandool, Mayyar are the six villages having much stregnth of Kundu Jat gotra.

Villages in Kaithal district[edit]

In Kaithal district, Kailram and Titram are two villages having much strength of Kundu people.

Villages in Jhajjar district[edit]

ONe of such villages is Village Chandpur on Rewari Road.

Villages in Karnal district[edit]

Bhusli(also known as Bhagwanpur)

Village in Panipat District[edit]

Kaith, shahpur & bijava are the villages having kundu residents .these village are located on panipat -rohtak highway.

Villages in Bhiwani district[edit]

Berla & Shivani are the Villages in Bhiwani Districts where Kundu Jats are found.

Villages in Jind District[edit]

Kalwa,Kalawati,khark gagar,Pilukhera,Bhurain & Pilukhera Mandi,Hoshiarpura are the villages in Jind District where Kundu Jats are found.

Villages in Palwal district[edit]

Allika (अल्लिका)(Also known as Gareka), Village in Palwal district and tehsil is also palwal.Allika is known as Jat village. In Allika village all peoples pray for Mansha Ram Baba. Allika, Village in Palwal District and Tehsil is known as Palwal, Jat Village. The Allika village located 11 km from Palwal on Sohna - Palwal (NH71B)road. Allika is 2 km from NH-71B high way. The population of Allika is more than 3,500 voters. Govt. Hospital is under construction on Allika - Yadupur road when you go to High School Allika in village. All are most welcome you in Allika by and All Kundu's families. On Budhi Teez there will be a Kusti (wristling) & Mela programme in every year. On cricket season a cricket Tournament ia also programmed by Kundu Team.

Village in Rohtak District[edit]

Titoli, Village in Rohtak District and tehsil is known as Kundu, Jat Village. The Titoli village located 9 km from Rohtak on Jind high way. Titoli is 1.5 km from Jind high way. The population of Titoli is more than 10,000 voters. Kundu Bhawan Community Center in Titoli is on main bus stand when you entering in village. On Seeli Satam there will be a Kusti (wrestling) programme in every year. Also Kusti celebration in the last 15 days of fagun month daily at evening in Govt High School Titoli. The Anicient story of the village is that it is the village of arya peoples, and there was not a single liquor shop in the village before some years. Many of the persons from the village serves their services for Indian army. one of them is nayab Subedar Banbir Singh Kundu a respected villager have four daughters and a son. His Elder Daughter sunita kundu Played For India and won a gold medal in women senior boxing held at akola (Maharashtra) in 2005. There is a newly constructed arya samaj sansthan outside the town. Many people from Titoli are now getting higher education and serving in reputed organizations. The village is proud of producing many Army personnel who have been serving the nation. Some of them are Captain Attar Singh Kundu, Ajmer Singh Kundu.

Villages in Sonipat district[edit]

BUTANA is one of the biggest village in district. Chandpur & Dhurana are also there.

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh[edit]

Village of hewa in (west up) Meerut. Village bharsi(west up).

Distribution in Rajasthan[edit]

Locations in Jaipur city : Himmat Nagar, Tonk Road

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh[edit]



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