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Kung was an important village of the Haida people, located on the west side of Alexandra Narrows on Graham Island,[1] the largest and northernmost of the Haida Gwaii ("Islands of the Haida"} of British Columbia, Canada. Alexandra Narrows, known on some old maps as Mazzaredo Sound, connects Naden Harbour and Virago Sound.

Indian Reserve[edit]

Kung Indian Reserve No. 11, or Kung 11 in official registries, is located at the site of Kung.[2] The Kung Indian Reserve is under the administration of Old Massett Village Council and is 28.7 ha in size.[3]

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Coordinates: 54°03′00″N 132°34′00″W / 54.05000°N 132.56667°W / 54.05000; -132.56667