Kuroiwa Shūroku

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Kuroiwa Shūroku
Kuroiwa Ruikou.jpg
BornSeptember 29, 1862
DiedOctober 6, 1920(1920-10-06) (aged 58)
Pen nameKuroiwa Ruikō
OccupationJournalist, novelist, translator

Kuroiwa Shūroku (黒岩 周六, Kuroiwa Shūroku, 29 September 1862 – 6 October 1920), also known as Kuroiwa Ruikō (黒岩涙香), was a Japanese journalist and novelist.[1]

Kuroiwa founded Yorozu Chōhō in 1892, which soon became one of Japan's largest newspapers.[2]

In 1919, while on his way to the Paris Peace Conference, Kuroiwa met with Madam C. J. Walker of the International League for Darker People to discuss a shared strategy at the conference.

His Dharma name, which he chose himself, was Kuroiwain Shūroku Ruikō Chūten Koji (黒岩院周六涙香忠天居士).


  • On Hearing of the Devotional Self-Immolation of General Nogi (1912) published in English in Learning Sacred Way Of Emperor by Yukata Hibino.


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