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Kurz government
Flag of Austria (state).svg
30th government of Austria
Sebastian Kurz (2018-02-28) (cropped).jpg
Date formed18 December 2017 (2017-12-18)
People and organisations
Appointed byAlexander Van der Bellen
ChancellorSebastian Kurz
Vice-ChancellorHeinz-Christian Strache
Member partiesPeople's Party
Freedom Party
Status in legislatureMajority coalition
No. of ministers13
Opposition partiesSocial Democratic Party
Peter Pilz List
Opposition leaderPamela Rendi-Wagner (SPÖ)
Election(s)2017 legislative election
PredecessorKern government

The Kurz government (German: Bundesregierung Kurz) is the current government of Austria, it took office on 18 December 2017. It succeeded the Kern government, following the 2017 election. Sebastian Kurz, leader of the centre-right ÖVP, reached an agreement on a coalition with the right-wing FPÖ, making him chancellor of Austria. The cabinet was appointed by President Alexander Van der Bellen.[1]


Image Name Office Took office Party


Sebastian Kurz (2018-02-28) (cropped).jpg Sebastian Kurz Chancellor of Austria 18 December 2017 ÖVP
2017 ORF-Elefantenrunde (37410230120) (cropped).jpg Heinz-Christian Strache Vice-Chancellor of Austria
Minister of Civil Service and Sports
18 December 2017 FPÖ


2017 Finanzminister Hartwig Löger (39136614571) (cropped).jpg Hartwig Löger Minister of Finance 18 December 2017 Independent
(ÖVP nominated)
Herbert Kickl (cropped).jpg Herbert Kickl Minister of the Interior 18 December 2017 FPÖ
2018 Karin Kneissl Paul Richard Gallagher (16. Jänner 2018) (24876263787) (cropped).jpg Karin Kneissl Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs 18 December 2017 Independent
(FPÖ nominated)
Josef Moser (4741871116).jpg Josef Moser Minister of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice 18 December 2017 Independent
(ÖVP nominated)
16-07-05-Mario Kunasek-KG 6051.JPG Mario Kunasek Minister of Defence 18 December 2017 FPÖ
Heinz Fassmann 01.JPG Heinz Faßmann Minister of Education, Science and Research 18 December 2017 Independent
(ÖVP nominated)
2018 Hartinger-Klein (41557839051) (cropped).jpg Beate Hartinger-Klein Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection 18 December 2017 FPÖ
Norbert Hofer.jpg Norbert Hofer Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology 18 December 2017 FPÖ
Elisabeth Köstinger (2014).jpg Elisabeth Köstinger Minister of Sustainability and Tourism 18 December 2017 ÖVP
2015 Margarete Schramböck (17126313616).jpg Margarete Schramböck Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs 8 January 2018 ÖVP
2018 Gernot Blümel (39502202725) (cropped).jpg Gernot Blümel Chancellery minister for the EU, Arts, Culture and Media 18 December 2017 ÖVP
2018 Juliane Bogner-Strauß (24909428237) (cropped).jpg Juliane Bogner-Strauß Chancellery minister for Women, Families and Youth 18 December 2017 ÖVP

State secretaries[edit]

2017 Staatssekretär Hubert Fuchs (39136614571) (cropped).jpg Hubert Fuchs State secretary in the Ministry of Finance 18 December 2017 FPÖ
Karoline Edtstadler (cropped).jpg Karoline Edtstadler State secretary in the Ministry of the Interior 18 December 2017 ÖVP


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