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The Moon god, followed by the Sun god, at the cliff sanctuary of Yazılıkaya

Kušuḫ (Ugaritic: kḏġ or kzġ) is the Hurrian Moon god. In the Kaluti List (de) he is named after Ea and before the Sun god Šimige (de).

Kušuḫ was syncretised with the Moon god of Harran (Hurrian: Kuzina). Kušuḫ, "Lord of the Oath" was invoked, along with his wife Nikkal, "Lady of the Oath" and Išḫara (de), as guarantor of oaths.

At the Hittite cliff sanctuary in Yazılıkaya, he is depicted as a winged god with a crescent moon on top of his pointy hat.

He was identified with the Hittite god Kaskuh.

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