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KutMasta Kurt
Origin Kansas-Tucky, USA
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1989–present
Associated acts Kool Keith
Motion Man
Tom C3

Kurt Matlin, professionally known as KutMasta Kurt, is an American hip hop producer, best known for his work with Kool Keith, as well as occasional tracks and remixes for artists such as the Beastie Boys, Linkin Park, and Dilated Peoples.


  • KutMasta Kurt - Funky Redneck Visits Nippon (album) (2010)
  • KutMasta Kurt - Drum-Break Hip-Hop Vol.1 (2011)
  • KutMasta Kurt - 90's Beats (album) (2012)
  • KutMasta Kurt - Beat Tape - 1992 (album) (2015)


  • Dr Dooom - First Come, First Served (1999)
  • KutMasta Kurt presents Masters of Illusion (2000)
  • Motion Man feat. KutMasta Kurt - Clearing the Field (2002)
  • Kool Keith featuring KutMasta Kurt - Diesel Truckers (2004)
  • KutMasta Kurt presents Dopestyle 1231 (2004)
  • Motion Man - Pablito's Way (2006)
  • Kool Keith - Sex Style Un-Released Archives (2007)
  • Dr Dooom - Dr Dooom 2 (2008)
  • Motion Man - Uneven Pavement (Unreleased Demos 1992-'93) (2012)
  • Dr. OctroTron (Del the Funkee Homosapien & Kool Keith) - Spaz" b/w "Good Stuff" Single (2013)
  • RetroMastas EP (Retrogott & KutMasta Kurt) (2014)


Notable production credits[edit]



  • Dr. Octagon - "Dr. Octagon", "Technical Difficulties"

from the 1996 album Dr. Octagonecologyst

from the 1996 debut album Here to Save You All

from the 2000 album The Platform (Note: This single was recorded c. 1998)

from the 1998 Rasco's debut album Time Waits for No Man

from the 2002 album Reanimation

from the 2002 album Dangerous Connection

  • PMD - "Straight From The Heart"

from the 2003 album The Awakening

from the 2005 album HDP

  • James Cole - "Bike Rembok Adibas"

from the 2008 album 20ERS - New School- Compilation

Notable remix credits[edit]

  • Planet Asia & 427 - "Bringin' It Back (Kut Masta Kurt Remix)"

from the 1999 12" Bringin' It Back

from the 1996 album Dr. Octagon

from the 1996 debut album Here to Save You All

from the 1998 album Hello Nasty

from the 1999 album Nia

from the 2000 album The Platform

from the 2003 album Ghetto Blaster

from the 2003 album Chocolate Industries

  • Lord Diamonds Featuring Moka Only & Michael Rushden - "Change Of The Guard"

from the 2013 album I Am Rich

Radio appearances[edit]

  • Kurt occasionally appeared as a guest DJ on Mike Nardone's "We Came From Beyond", LA's longest running hip hop radio show, which is no longer on the air.
  • Kurt was a frequent guest DJ on Mike Nardone & King Emz "The Joint" on LA's 92.3 the Beat . Later he filled Emz spot when he relocated to NYC.
  • Kurt was a frequent guest DJ on Sway & King Tech's "Wake Up Show".
  • Kurt was a weekly DJ for "Fat Friday's" at 90.9 KHDC Salinas, with The Verbal Tek from 1992–1994
  • Kurt was a weekly DJ for "The Drum" at 90.1 KZSU Stanford, with Kevvy Kev from 1988–1994
  • Kurt was a weekly DJ and Host for "Solid Funk" at 88.9 KUSP Santa Cruz, from 1985–1988


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