Kuwait Oil Company

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Kuwait Oil Company
IndustryOil and gas industry
Founded1934; 89 years ago (1934)
Area served
Key people
Ahmad Jaber Al-Eidan (CEO)
Natural gas
OwnerGovernment of Kuwait
ParentKuwait Petroleum Corporation

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), an oil company headquartered in Al Ahmadi, Kuwait, is a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, a government-owned holding company. Kuwait was the world's 10th largest petroleum and other liquids producer in 2013, and fifth-largest exporter in terms of volume of crude oil and condensates.

As Kuwait's oil reserves have been nationalized since 1975,[1] with the KOC holding sole rights to explore for and develop oil resources,[1] the company is also a key contributor to the economic and social development for the State of Kuwait. KOC operations and activities of exploring and producing oil make up nearly 90% of the national budget, which is still highly dependent on oil in its resources.

According to a document reviewed by Reuters, Kuwait Oil Company has signed contracts worth $1.73 billion related to repairing the soil of oilfields destroyed during Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.[2]


The Kuwait Oil Company Limited was established in 1934, through an alliance between the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and the American Gulf Oil Company,[3] and is currently a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). The oil concession rights were awarded to the Company on 23 December 1934, and it started its drilling operations in 1936. The first oil discovery was in 1938 in Burgan field,[4] which is still considered the second largest oil field in the world. Discoveries then followed in Magwa in 1951, Ahmadi in 1952, Raudhatain in 1955, Sabriya in 1957, and Minagish in 1959. Oil exportation begain on 30 June 1946.


KOC produces three grades of crude oil: Kuwaiti Export Crude, light crude and heavy crude.

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