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Det Akademiske Kvarter

Det Akademiske Kvarter (eng. The Academic Quarter), more commonly known as Kvarteret, is a student house in Bergen, Norway. The house is run by about 400 volunteer students. Kvarteret hosts a huge number of happenings each year, ranging from juggling shows to concerts. In addition to hosting cultural events it offers the volunteers experience as sound technicians, bartenders, photographers and system administrators to mention a few. The students who work here primarily come from the University of Bergen but also from Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH) (Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration) and Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen University College).

Kvarteret just opened after a 3 years closure while expanding.


Det Akademiske Kvarter

Kvarteret has an old exterior, but the interior is roughly 10 years old. It is situated in the very centre of Bergen, within walking distance of both the main shopping areas and the University of Bergen. The house was formerly the property of the University, but was given over to the students to be the cultural centre of student activities in Bergen in 1995. At that time, the house's interior was completely rehabilitated. There are now several pubs, a small café, one large auditorium, once concert hall and several smaller rooms.


Though Kvarteret hosts a vast amount of cultural events, none of them are actually organized by Kvarteret itself. Numerous organizations use the building for their cultural activities. These include, but are not limited to ASF, RF, Samfunnet and Immaturus (student theatre), and the movie club Filmklubben.

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