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Headquartersul. Ordozhonikidze 31, Yakutsk, Sakha Republic
Circulationc. 18.000 (2007)

Kyym (Yakut: Кыым, Spark) is the main Yakut language newspaper, published in Yakutsk five times a week, has an Internet version.

The volume of the newspaper "Kyym" - 48 pages; Frequency - once a week, on Thursday. The format is A3.

The founders of the newspaper "Kyym" - LLC "Media Group "Sitim".

Chief editor of the newspaper “Kyym” - Gavrilyev Ivan Ivanovich (sah).

History of the newspaper[edit]

The first newspaper in the Yakut language was called “Manchaary”, the first issue of which was published in 28 December 1921. Two years later, a commission of three people — the People's Commissar of the Interior Stepan Arzhakova (ru), Commissar of Education Ilya Vinokurov (ru) and member of the board of Kholbos M. Popov - decided to make the newspaper periodical and give it a new name - “Kyym”. The first publishers of the newspaper were Platon Oyunsky, Maxim Ammosov (ru), Anempodist Sofronov (ru).

In 1993, after the famous October events, the publication was closed. In 1994, the newspaper was published by a journalist Fedora Petrovna Egorova (ru), who has been at the newspaper's office for 36 years.

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