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Location Mikkeli
Coordinates 61°58′N 27°07′E / 61.967°N 27.117°E / 61.967; 27.117Coordinates: 61°58′N 27°07′E / 61.967°N 27.117°E / 61.967; 27.117
Type Lake
Catchment area Kymijoki
Basin countries Finland
Surface area 129.947 km2 (50.173 sq mi)
Average depth 4.39 m (14.4 ft)
Max. depth 35.25 m (115.6 ft)
Water volume 0.57 km3 (460,000 acre⋅ft)
Shore length1 857.26 km (532.68 mi)
Surface elevation 100.65 m (330.2 ft)
Frozen December–April
Islands Emäsalo, Honkasalo, Porosaari, Riuttasaari
References [1]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Kyyvesi (transl.Viper Water) is a rather large lake in the Southern Savonia region of Finland. Spite its size (129,95 km²) it's very shallow and extremely rocky.[1] Motorboating on Kyyvesi is recommended only for very experienced boaters as many of the rocks have not been mapped. Also, the limited amount of landing sites is a hindrance in moving swiftly through the lake. A general bathymetric chart was completed in 2006. Canoes, kayaks and rowing boats are recommended for visitors. There is a two-lake canoein route Kyyvesi–Puula with nice little harbours. The water is dark for the catchment area is mostly swampy terrain. Locals claim that two sorts of zander fishes are living in the lake.

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