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The New Orleans Bee
L’Abeille de la Nouvelle-Orléans
New Orleans Bee 1917 04 07 frontpage.png
The April 7, 1917, front page reporting the U.S. entry into World War I
TypeDaily newspaper
FoundedSeptember 1, 1827 (1827-09-01)
LanguageFrench, English;
Ceased publication1925 (1925)
HeadquartersNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States

The New Orleans Bee[1] (French: L’Abeille de la Nouvelle-Orléans[2]) was an American broadsheet newspaper in New Orleans, Louisiana, founded on September 1, 1827, by François Delaup and originally located at 94 St. Peter Street, between Royal and Bourbon.[3]


Initially published three times a week in French, an English-language section was added on November 24, 1827,[4] and in this form it was the most successful of New Orleans daily newspapers in the middle of the nineteenth century.[5] The English section was abandoned in 1872 because of increased competition from English-language newspapers[6] but later restored. A Spanish-language section (Abeja) was published in 1829–1830.[4][7]

Until at least 1897 L'Abeille remained "almost certainly the daily newspaper of choice" for French officials in New Orleans.[8] The title was purchased in 1921 by The Times-Picayune and was published weekly until it closed in 1923.[5] It was by some accounts the last French-language newspaper in New Orleans, ceasing publication on December 27, 1923, after ninety-six years;[9] others assert that it was outlasted by Le Courrier de la Nouvelle Orleans,[10] which continued until 1955.[11]

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