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L'enfant, better known as Man and Baby [1] is a 1987 photographic poster depicting a shirtless male model (Adam Perry) holding a young baby. The image, photographed by Spencer Rowell, was published and distributed in the 1980s by British company Athena Posters.[2] The image reportedly sold over 5 million copies, making it among the best-selling posters ever.[3] The photograph was said to herald the "sensitive but sexy New Man" aesthetic.[1]

In a 2004 British television documentary about L'Enfant, The Model, the Poster and 3,000 Women, Perry claimed that as a result of his poster fame he had slept with 3,000 women.[citation needed] The program also identified the baby as Greek-Cypriot Stelios Havatzios. Stelios currently lives in Limassol Cyprus with his family and works as a lawyer. In 2013, Havatzios appeared as the Mystery Guest on The Big Fat Quiz of the '80s.

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