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L'Estaca (Catalan pronunciation: [ɫəsˈtakə], meaning "the stake", figurative sense "without liberty") is a song composed by the Catalan artist Lluís Llach in 1968.

The song, which has been translated into several languages, has become so popular in some countries that it is erroneously considered to be a locally written song. It was composed during the dictatorship of General Franco in Spain and is a call for unity of action to achieve freedom. The song has become a symbol of the fight for freedom everywhere.

Polish singer-songwriter Jacek Kaczmarski was inspired to write new lyrics to the melody of L'Estaca after hearing the song on one of several Spanish records he borrowed from a friend in December 1978. The result was Mury, which became one of his most famous compositions after it was adopted by the Polish trade union Solidarność and sung at countless rallies, meetings, protests and strikes throughout Poland during the 1980s.

L'Estaca is also an anthem for the supporters of the rugby team USAP, of Perpignan in Northern Catalonia, in France.

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