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L’Invisible is a 2017 opera by Aribert Reimann. The French libretto by Reimann is a condensation of three short plays by Maurice Maeterlinck; L'Intruse, Intérieur and La Mort de Tintagiles, into a single act opera. The "invisible" in each part is death, first as a supernatural force, then as tragic news, then in the person of a murderous queen.[1]


  • Rachel Harnisch (Ursula/Marie/Ygraine), Annika Schlicht (Marthe/Bellangère), Ronnita Miller (Handmaiden), Stephen Bronk (Grandfather/An old man/Aglovale), Thomas Blondelle (Uncle/Stranger), Tim Severloh, Matthew Shaw, Martin Wölfel (Drei Dienerinnen) Das Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin, Donald Runnicles Oehms. 2018