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Church of San Pedro
Church of San Pedro

Lárrede (Aragonese: Larrede) is a locale in Spain, today a part of the municipality of Sabiñánigo in the province of Huesca, comarca of Alto Gállego, in the autonomous community of Aragón. It is 822 meters above sea level and had fifteen inhabitants as of 1999.

The church of Lárrede, dedicated to Saint Peter (San Pedro), was built in the 1050s in the First Romanesque style. It is the representative church of the famous Churches of the Serrablo, sometimes said to be constructed in the estilo larredense. It has a cruciform plan, unique in the Serrablo, and five south-facing windows, while almost all churches in the Serrablo have three. It was designated a national monument in 1931.


Coordinates: 42°33′12″N 0°19′01″W / 42.5533°N 0.3169°W / 42.5533; -0.3169