Lärarinna på vift

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Lärarinna på vift
Directed byBörje Larsson
Written byBörje Larsson
StarringKarin Ekelund
Allan Bohlin
Georg Rydeberg
Gull Natorp
Eric Gustafson
Hugo Björne
Eric Abrahamsson
Music byJules Sylvain
Hans Åke Gäfvert
Kai Gullmar
Release date
  • 29 September 1941 (1941-09-29)
Running time
83 min

Lärarinna på vift (transl. Schoolmistress on the loose) is a 1941 Swedish romantic comedy film directed by Börje Larsson.

Plot summary[edit]

Karin Berggren is a strict teacher at Sunninge flickpension, a distinguished boarding school for girls in a venerable old castle in Scania in the south of Sweden. The school awaits the son of its founder for an inspection.

The night before the inspection Karin and her colleague Bror sneak away to visit a nightclub in Copenhagen. There, Karin suddenly, when she hears the nightclub singer sing, on a whim wants to see if she possibly could do it better? She gets herself up on stage and starts to sing. And is greeted by cheers and standing ovations.

After her success, Karin is offered an engagement at the nightclub, and accepts it, to be able to raise money to cover the embezzlement of the schools money by a colleague, that has just been discovered. So by daytime she is a teacher in French and by night a seductive nightclub singer in Copenhagen, under the name Lucy Phillips.

When the founders son Peter visits the girls school the following day, he soon understands what is going on and tries to put an end to Karins singing career, convinced that it is not appropriate for a teacher at the school.

Karin's double life is soon discovered at the school and the scandal is a fact. Colleagues gather for deliberation on Karin's future there, but she has already left for Copenhagen to perform. So the colleagues follow her, to see her performance with their own eyes, and there Karin makes her entrance on stage, singing Love's ABC...[1]



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