Léon Monosson

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This article is about the chess player. He is not to be confused with Léon Monosson (singer).

Léon Monosson (21 December 1892, Shchedrin – 17 February 1943, Auschwitz) was a Belarusian–French chess master.

Born in Shtetl Shchedrin, near Bobruisk (Belarus), he took 10th in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) 1921[1] Then he emigrated to France.

Dr Monosson was Paris Champion in 1935,[2][3] He also took 5th in the 4th Paris City Chess Championship 1928 (Abraham Baratz won),[4] and took 5th at Paris 1938 (L'Echiquier, Baldur Hoenlinger won).[5]

In January 1940, he played with Wilhelm Orbach, Josef Cukierman, etc., in Paris (Savielly Tartakower won).[6] During World War II, he was deported from France to Auschwitz concentration camp where he died in 1943.[7]