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Løvenskiold-Vækerø headquarters in Oslo
Løvenborg Castle in Holbæk

Løvenskiold is a Dano-Norwegian noble family. Members of the family now live primarily in Norway.[1] Of German origin and originally named Leopoldus, it was one of the first patrician Norwegian families to be ennobled, in 1739, when it was also given the name Løvenskiold.


The Løvenskiold family descend from merchant Herman Leopoldus (died 1696), who immigrated from Lübeck to Christiania. His son, also named Herman Leopoldus (1677–1750), became very rich and was in 1739 ennobled by letters patent. At the same time, he received the name Løvenskiold (lit. ‘Lion Shield’). His son Severin was made a baron (Norwegian: baron or friherre) and owned Løvenborg Castle in Holbæk, Denmark.

In Norway, there is a family mansion west of Bærums Verk in the municipality of Bærum near Oslo, one in Skien and one at Ask, near Hønefoss in the municipality of Ringerike.

The name is also given to the family's privately owned company Løvenskiold-Vækerø, headquartered at Ullern. The holding company owns vast tracts of woodland in and around Oslo, Akershus and Telemark county, as well as the building materials retail chain Maxbo.

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