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Lüner Lake
Lünersee vom Saulakopf 1.JPG
Location Vorarlberg
Coordinates 47°3′9″N 9°45′11″E / 47.05250°N 9.75306°E / 47.05250; 9.75306Coordinates: 47°3′9″N 9°45′11″E / 47.05250°N 9.75306°E / 47.05250; 9.75306
Primary outflows Alvier
Basin countries Austria
Max. length 1,500 m (4,900 ft)
Max. width 750 m (2,460 ft)
Max. depth 139 m (456 ft)
Water volume 0.156 km3 (126,000 acre·ft)
Settlements Bludenz

Lüner Lake (German Lünersee) is a large lake near the town of Bludenz in Vorarlberg, Austria.

The lake's depth was raised by 72 metres by the construction of a hydroelectric dam in 1958. The dam supplies water to four local power plants, Lünersee, Rodund I, Rodund II and Walgau. The lake is linked to the village of Brand by a cable car system, the Lünerseebahn.



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