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L'Infini (in English Infinity) is a French literary magazine, established in 1983 in Paris by Philippe Sollers as a follow up of the magazine Tel Quel.[1] The magazine was first published by Éditions Denoël and later on by Éditions Gallimard.[1]

The magazine has published work by Philippe Sollers, Julia Kristeva, Marcelin Pleynet, and other notable writers and young authors such as Marc-Edouard Nabe, Pierre Bourgeade, François Meyronnis, Yannick Haenel, Frédéric Berthet, David di Nota, Clément Rosset, Alexandre Duval-Stalla, Chantal Thomas, Thomas Ravier, Cécile Guilbert, Bernard Sichère, Raphaël Denys, Alessandro Mercuri, Steven Sampson. The others include Philippe Roth, Milan Kundera and Céline.[1]


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