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LANC (Logic Application Control Bus System or Local Application Control Bus System), also known as Control-L is a protocol by Sony used to synchronize camcorders and cameras.[1]

LANC is a terminal on Sony as well as other manufacturers' camcorders which enables other accessories like Tripods with a control handle to control the camera with a cable connected to a LANC port without dealing with buttons on the camera itself. It is also available on many still cameras, where it is called ACC (the DSC-xxxx series of cameras).

The bi-directional protocol is made up of 8 (8-bit) bytes, usually clocked by the camera at 9600 bit/s. Each frame of bytes occurs in sync with the beginning of each video frame (NTSC or PAL). The physical connector is either a 5-pin mini-DIN connector and jack[2] or a 2.5mm 3-conductor phone jack and plug (TRS connector).[3]

In newer Sony digital Handycam(R) camcorders with 10-pin multi-A/V remote terminal jacks, LANC is available, but not directly accessible without making a custom/home-made adapter cable or a pre-made cable by Sony Part# J-6082-535-A. Sony RM-AV2 Remote Commander is an example of a LANC controller which plugs into the Sony 10-pin multi-A/V remote terminal jack.[4]

Sony "Control-S" is a similar interface, but it is uni-directional providing control-only, and not feedback from the device being controlled.

Panasonic Control-M is a similar 5-pin mini-DIN bi-directional interface and protocol which has a different implementation.

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