LORAN-C transmitter Malone

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LORAN Station Malone, Malone, Florida

LORAN-C transmitter Malone was the master station of the Southeast U.S. LORAN-C Chain (GRI 7980) and the Whiskey Secondary of the Great Lakes chain (GRI 8970). It used a transmission power of 800 kW for both chains.

Baudette LORAN-C transmitter was situated near Malone in Jackson County, Florida, United States. Malone LORAN-C transmitter used as a 700-foot (210 m) tall mast radiator antenna.

The station was closed on February 8, 2010 as a budget cut. The station, and all of the others, were considered to be obsolete with the general availability of GPS systems.

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Coordinates: 30°59′39″N 085°10′09″W / 30.99417°N 85.16917°W / 30.99417; -85.16917