LPW Glider

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LPW Glider
Role Glider
National origin United Kingdom
Designer John Leeming
First flight 24 May 1924
Number built 1

The LPW Glider (or Leeming-Prince-Wood Glider) was a 1920s British glider built by John Leeming, Tom Prince and Clement Wood who later formed the Lancashire Aero Club.[1][2]


In 1922 John Leeming designed a single-seat high-wing monoplane glider which he built from surplus Avro 504 components with the help of his friends Tom Prince and Avro workshop foreman Clement Wood.[1] The glider flew on 24 May 1924 from Alexandra Park Aerodrome in Manchester being towed into the air by a car.[1] In September 1924 while being flown by Leeming the glider stalled and crashed.[1] The glider was rebuilt and had a motor-cycle engine fitted but it was not intended to fly, but for use as a ground trainer to allow students to practice taxiing.[1][3]

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