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LTX Corporation
Industry Electronics
Founded 1976
Headquarters Norwood, MA, USA
Products Automatic Test Equipment
Number of employees

LTX is a semiconductor Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) vendor, founded in 1976 and headquartered in Norwood, MA (Greater Boston area).

The focus of the company is the design and development of ATE for the semiconductor marketplace, but it distinguished itself in the early days as a provider of functional and parametric testers for discrete component RF products. Today, LTX offers test platforms capable of testing mixed signal (analog & digital) devices.


LTX was founded by Graham Miller, Roger Blethen, et al. All of the founders left nearby competitor, Teradyne. Although never verified, corporate lore holds that the name LTX was an abbreviation for the clarion call of its founders: "Leave Teradyne by Christmas (Xmas)" or possibly "Left Teradyne at Christmas." Others believe that LTX stands for "Linear Test eXcellence", "Linear Test eXperts", or is simply an abbreviation of the word "Electronics".

On June 22, 2008 LTX signed a merger agreement with one of its principal competitors: Credence Systems Corporation. LTX CEO and President David Tacelli became CEO of merged company.[1]

On August 29, 2008 LTX and Credence Systems Corporation completed a merger to form LTX-Credence Corporation.[2]

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