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Lug or LUG may refer to:


Handles or connectors[edit]

  • Lug, a protrusion of a firearm's bolt that locks it into the receiver or barrel
  • Lug, part of a drum used in conjunction with tension rods and counter hoops to tension the drum head in relation to the shell
  • Lug (electrical connector), a bolt on an enclosure tied to an electric potential within the enclosure, supporting the connection of a cable
  • Lug (knob), handles are a kind of flattened knob attached to the side of pottery
  • Lug, the protrusion from the case of a wristwatch to which the strap or bracelet attaches, usually by means of spring bars that bridge pairs of lugs at the upper and lower sides of a watch's case


  • Lug (bicycle part), steel tubing and sockets of a bicycle
  • Lugano Airport, a regional airport located west of the Swiss city of Lugano by IATA Airport Code
  • Lug sail, a four sided sail bent to a yard.
  • Lugging, when an internal combustion engine is run at overly low RPMs for the load being applied to it, potentially damaging the engine in the process
  • Lug or grouser, the portion of the tread design in a tire that contacts the road surface
  • Lug nut is a fastener, specifically a nut, used to secure a wheel on a vehicle


Other uses[edit]

  • Lug (unit), a unit of measure for linear distance equal to a rod or 1320 of a statute mile
  • Lugh or Lug, an ancient god in Irish mythology