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LUNA was a computer product line of OMRON Tateishi Electric from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. The LUNA was a 20MHz/m68030 desktop computer.[1] NetBSD, has supported the LUNA since 1.4.2, released in 2000.

The later Omron Luna 88K was available in two models: the DT8840 and TD8860 with 1-4 25 MHz 88100 CPUs and 16 Mb RAM. The native operating system was CMU Mach 2.5 and Omron UniOS.


  1. ^ From the NetBSD port page: "NetBSD/luna68k is a port of NetBSD to the LUNA product line of OMRON Tateishi Electric, Japan. The LUNA was a 20MHz/m68030 desktop computer at the age of then-booming UNIX workstations, roughly comparable to a sun3/60 and any m68020/m68030 unix boxes at that time. It is a descendant of the company's 6U VME deskside m68010 box nicknamed Supermate, and was succeeded by a m68040 variant, LUNA-II. It has a rare cousin, LUNA-88K which sports 4 88k processors geared by CMU Mach2.5."

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