L Khun Yi

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L Khun Yi
အယ်လ် ခွန်းရီ
Birth name Lazun Khun Yi
Genres Burmese pop
Occupation(s) singer, actress
Years active mid-1970s to mid-1980s

Lazun Khun Yi, better known as L Khun Yi (Burmese: အယ်လ် ခွန်းရီ, pronounced: [ɛ̀l kʰʊ́ɴ jì]), is a Burmese singer, and is considered one of the pioneers of modern Burmese pop music. The ethnic Kachin singer of the Lazun clan[1] was known for her Burmese language covers of 1970s Western pop songs, particularly ABBA songs. Many of her popular songs of the era were again covered by successive generations of singers like May Sweet, Tun Eindra Bo, and Yadana Oo.

She was born to Lazun Khun Hpan, a brigadier general in the Burmese army, and Nyunt Nyunt Ma, a school teacher, and is the eldest of six brothers and sisters.[2] She was attending the Rangoon Institute of Education when she began singing, attracting the interest of Burmese entertainers like Playboy Than Naing. However, she went on to finish her degree, graduating with a bachelor's in education and working as a schoolteacher in Meiktila thereafter. L Khun Yi only debuted after getting married, as her father had requested.[2]

Her father was assassinated in a roadside ambush by the Kachin Independence Army in 1985.

She is an aunt of popular singers L Sai Zi and L Lun War.[3]

Album discography[edit]

  • A-Myan Yin
  • A-Chit Einmet
  • Lay-Yin-Byan
  • A-Myan Yin 2


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