La Última Hora

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"La Última Hora"
La Última Hora.jpg
Single by Breed 77
from the album Cultura
Released 20 November 2003 (United Kingdom)
Recorded 2003
Genre Metal
Label Albert Productions
Writer(s) Paul Isola, Danny Felice, Pedro Caparros López & Stuart Cavilla.
Breed 77 singles chronology
"La Última Hora"
"The River"
EP Cover

"La Última Hora" is a song and single by Gibraltarian Flamenco Metal band Breed 77. It was first released as a CD EP in a card slip-case, and later released as a CD single and 7" Vinyl. Released on 20 November 2003, this was the first new song to be heard from Cultura. All tracks written by Breed 77. Recorded at Alberts Studio, London. The line-up for this single consisted of: Paul Isola, Danny Felice, Stuart Cavilla, Pete Chichone and Pedro Caparros.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "La Última Hora" (The Final Hour)
  2. "The Hole"
  3. "Oración Final" (Final Prayer)
  4. "Calling Out" (Demo)
  5. "Floods"
  6. "La Última Hora" (CD-ROM Video)
  7. "Floods" [Live] (CD-ROM Video)
Breed 77 in the 2003 music video for La Última Hora.

Professional reviews[edit]

  • Get Ready To Rock 3/5 starslink


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