La Liberté (French newspaper)

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La Liberté was a French Legitimist newspaper created in July 1865 by Charles-François-Xavier Müller and sold in 1866 to Émile de Girardin. Its last issue was published in 1940.[1]



  1. ^ David Wingeate Pike France Divided: The French and the Civil War in Spain 2011 - 184519490X- Page 288 "But its press run was mediocre.46* More impressive was Jacques Doriot, who had broken with the Communists in 1934 47* and founded, on 26 June 1936, the Parti Populaire Francais (PPF), recruiting followers from both extremes... and on 24 May, with the help of a former minister, Désiré Ferry, he took over the evening journal La Liberté, up to then in the hands of Andre Tardieu, the founder of the republican centre, a close friend of Clemenceau, and a former prime minister."