La Nuit des Traquées

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La Nuit des Traquées
La nuit des traquees poster 1979 blahaie.jpg
Original poster
Directed by Jean Rollin
Produced by Lionel Wallmann
Written by Jean Rollin
Starring Brigitte Lahaie
Vincent Gardère
Dominique Journet
Bernard Papineau
Rachel Mhas
Catherine Greiner
Nathalie Perrey
Christiane Farina
Élodie Delage
Cyril Val
Jean Hérel
Jacques Gatteau
Dominique Saint-Cyr
Grégoire Cherlian
Jean Cherlian
Music by Gary Sandeur
Edited by Gilbert Kikoine
Distributed by Impex Films
Release date
20 August 1980
Running time
87 mins
Country France
Language French

La Nuit des Traquées (English title: The Night of the Hunted) is a 1980 film directed by Jean Rollin,[1] about people who have lost their memories in an environmental accident and are confined in a hospital.


On a cold dark night, a man is driving through the countryside and discovers a young woman who seems to be running from something. The man stops and puts her in his car and does not notice another woman, who is completely naked, calling out for her. The woman tells the man that her name is Elizabeth; she insists there are people after her but she seems to be confused and frightened. He takes Elizabeth to his apartment in Paris and realizes she is incapable of remembering anything for any length of time. He tells her his name is Robert, which she has trouble remembering a few minutes later. She begs him not to leave her as she will forget him, and the pair make love, during which Robert tells Elizabeth to remember his face so she will never forget this time together. The next morning Robert has to go to work and when he's gone, Dr. Francis breaks into his apartment to persuade Elizabeth to return to the clinic, where she escaped from, where people are being treated for memory loss.

On her return to the clinic, Elizabeth seems to remember the woman, the one who called out for her the night before, but they only remember each other's name, nothing more. The two of them attempt another escape and manage to get in contact with Robert, as Elizabeth remembers him, but they are both recaptured. Robert locates the clinic where he is told by Dr. Francis that the patients are suffering from a disease that slowly takes their memories away, and soon all the afflicted will become like the walking dead, but Robert refuses to believe this and is determined to rescue Elizabeth.

The doctors at the clinic begin to dispose of the people whose memories have gone completely. Robert manages to find Elizabeth, but it is too late now that the disease has taken her completely. Dr. Francis shoots Robert in the head and he becomes just like Elizabeth. Unaware what is going on around them, Elizabeth and Robert walk side by side.


  • Brigitte Lahaie as Elizabeth
  • Vincent Gardère
  • Dominique Journet as Véronique
  • Bernard Papineau as Le Docteur Francis
  • Rachel Mhas as Solange
  • Catherine Greiner
  • Nathalie Perrey as La Mère (credited as Natalie Perrey)
  • Christian Farina
  • Élodie Delage as Marie (credited as Véronique Délaissé)
  • Cyril Val (credited as Alain Plumey)
  • Jean Hérel as Jacques
  • Jacques Gatteau as Pierre
  • Dominique Saint-Clare
  • Grégoire Cherlian as Le Gardien
  • Jean Cherlian as L'homme de Main


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