La Puerta del Sol

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La Puerta Del Sol, translated as The Door of the Sun, is one of the biggest sculptures in Chihuahua. It is also known as The Door of the Obelisks. In Chihuahua, there is a large variety of sculptures and monuments to people, alongside art all around the city. La Puerta Del Sol is one of the most characteristic sculptures of Chihuahua, located at Periferico de la Juvendtud and Circuito Universitario avenues. The sculpture was made in 1998 by Enrique Carbajal González, known by his alias Sebastián, from Camargo, Chihuahua.

In this sculpture Sebastian represented the shape of T of the doors in Paquime, Chihuahua, which is an ancient cultural spot full of ruins in Chihuahua.


The sculpture is made out of pure metal[vague] and has a significant volume,[vague] producing some shadows in the insides of the figure. It is 35 meters tall and 16 meters in width. The simplicity of the sculpture as a rectangle plays a role in the presence of the sun, which produces a shadow with different angles depending on the time of the day and the season of the year. It has two viewing angles, either facing front or back of the sculpture, from east to west or vice-versa. The light of the sun is visible through the door at the moment when the sun is setting during the afternoon.


The sculpture is faced with the problems of vandalism, and the corrosion of its white paint. Graffiti is sporadically applied at the bottom of the sculpture. These are removed quickly because of the government's maintenance of the sculpture. The sculpture is also re-painted regularly by the government to combat the degradation of the paint.


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