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This article is about a hotel barge. For other uses, see La Renaissance (disambiguation).
La Renaissance Hotel Barge On The Canal De Briare.jpg
La Renaissance cruising on the Canal de Briare
Flag of France.svgFrance
Name: La Renaissance
Owner: European Waterways, LTD
Operator: European Waterways, LTD
Port of registry: Paris
Route: River Seine/Canal de Briare: Montargis to Châtillon-sur-Loire
Launched: 1960
Christened: Bonne Humeur
Status: In service
General characteristics
Class and type: Commercial passenger vessel
Tonnage: 275 tons
Length: 128 ft (39 m)
Beam: 17.5 ft (5.3 m)
Height: 12.5 ft (3.8 m)
Draught: 5.25 ft (1.60 m)
Decks: 2
Installed power: 2 x 220 volt generators
Propulsion: 250 HP BAUDOIN
Speed: Maximum speed 10 knots
Capacity: 8 passengers
Crew: 5 crew
Notes: Fuel capacity 3 tons, Water capacity 12 tons

The La Renaissance was built in Belgium in 1960 as a spitz barge to carry cargo along the canals of Europe. Her original cargo was grain and iron ore. She presently serves as a luxury hotel barge, owned and operated by European Waterways.


In 1997, the cargo barge was converted to a hotel barge and underwent another refit in 2006. She was purchased by European Waterways in 2007. She was then taken to a shipyard in Belgium for inspection, maintenance, and updating.

Formerly known as the Bonne Humeur, she was rechristened La Renaissance in 2008. She began operations on the canals of western Burgundy and the upper Loire in May, 2008. The barge measures 128 feet long by 17 feet 6 inches wide. She has a top speed of 10 knots, but usually cruises at the canal speed limit of 6 km/h. She is rated at 350 tons capability.

She has a rectangular hull section, bluff bow and a counter hung rudder. She is effectively the largest size vessel which can navigate the Freycinet size locks in France and Belgium. The hull has two wear strips welded outside the chine which mean the hard wear of rubbing against lock walls will be absorbed by this sacrificial steel strip.

The Barge Today, A Boutique Hotel Barge[edit]

La Renaissance currently has 4 double cabins allowing her to carry up to 8 passengers. She also has separate crew quarters. The crew of five consists of captain and pilot, deck hand and tour guide, master chef, housekeeper, and waiter.[1][2][3]


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