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The Music Scene
Publisher & Editor Wah Keung Chan
Categories Music magazine
Frequency Bi-monthly
Circulation 25,000
First issue September 1996 (1996-09)
Country Canada
Based in Montreal
Language English and French
ISSN 1703-8189
OCLC number 50928510

The Music Scene (fr: La Scene musicale) is a Canadian bilingual quarterly magazine that promotes classical music in Canada.[1][2] The magazine was established by Wah Keung Chan in September 1996.[3] Each issue contains a comprehensive calendar of concerts, CD, DVD and book reviews, interviews with musicians as well as feature articles on the local, national and international classical music scenes.

It is a free magazine published at least six times a year. 42,000 copies are distributed in total: 18,000 in Ontario, 5,000 copies each in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary, and 9000 copies in British Columbia.

La Scène musicale/The Music Scene is their all-English version of the magazine, while their free monthly magazine is bilingual (English & French). The English version was started in 2002.[4]

The Music Scene is non-profit, and is dedicated to promoting classical music. Each issue contains a calendar of concerts, CD reviews, interviews, and feature articles. The printed version is distributed across Canada with emphasis in the Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa-Gatineau regions. Copies are also sent to music schools and record stores. An electronic version is available on their website.

The Next Great Art Song[edit]

In July 2015, La Scena Musicale launched a Canadian art song competition called The Next Great Art Song to promote classical music.[5] The competition has two phases. The first is a month-long survey of musicologists, theorists, music critics, and performers from Canada and around the world on the topic of their three favourite art songs. The second phase is an art song composition competition for Canadian composers, which will be evaluated by experts and the public.

Following the completion of the two phases, the top ten favourite art songs from the first phase and the top ten subissions from the composition competition will be featured in a gala concert of Canadian musicians, the location of which is still to be determined.


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