American University (Nicaragua)

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For the similarly named Nicaraguan institution, see La American University.
For the similarly named Paraguayan institution, see Universidad Americana.
American University
Universidad Americana (UAM)
Logo of the UAM
Motto UAM Going Global
Established 1992 (1992)
Rector Dr. Ernesto Medina Sandino
Location Managua[1], Nicaragua

The American University (Spanish: Universidad Americana (UAM)) is located in Managua, Nicaragua and was founded in 1992. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of professional fields, such as law, medicine, business, and engineering. It offers student exchange programs through International Student Exchange Programs.


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Coordinates: 12°06′31.1″N 86°15′25.2″W / 12.108639°N 86.257000°W / 12.108639; -86.257000 (American University)