La Zona (film)

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La Zona
La Zona (film).jpg
Directed by Rodrigo Plá
Produced by Alvaro Longoria
Pilar Benito
Written by Laura Santullo
Starring Daniel Giménez Cacho
Maribel Verdú
Daniel Tovar
Music by Fernando Velázquez
Release dates
Running time
97 min
Country Mexico / Spain
Language Spanish

La Zona ("The Zone") is a 2007 Mexican-Spanish-Argentine co-production film by director Rodrigo Plá. The film describes a failed break-in attempt in a gated community and the consequences for the thieves and the residents.

La Zona was given the Venice Film Festival’s award for best debut feature in 2007.[1]


A group of disadvantaged teenagers break into a gated community that is heavily under surveillance.


  • Venice Film Festival: Luigi De Laurentiis Award 2007 (Rodrigo Plá)
  • Golden Ariel for best supporting actor 2008 (Mario Zaragoza)
  • Golden India Catalina for best cinematography 2008 (Emiliano Villanueva)
  • Sant Jordi for best Spanish actress 2008 (Maribel Verdú)
  • Spanish actors union: newcomer award, male 2008 (Carlos Bardem)
  • Toronto International Film Festival: International Critics' Award (FIPRESCI) 2008 (Rodrigo =Plá)

Social and political aspects[edit]

La Zona shows the divide in the Mexican society, and how the class system plays an important part in the success and happiness of these characters. The film raises questions about social and political aspects in Mexico.[citation needed]

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