The Cathedral (novel)

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The Cathedral
Title Page of The Cathedral.jpg
Title page of the American edition of The Cathedral.
Author Joris-Karl Huysmans
Original title La Cathédrale
Country France
Genre Novel
Publication date
Published in English
Preceded by En Route
Followed by L'Oblat

The Cathedral (French: La Cathédrale) (1898) is a novel by the French writer Joris-Karl Huysmans. A revised English edition was published in 2011.

It is the third of Huysmans' books to feature the character Durtal, a thinly disguised portrait of the author. He had already featured the character of Durtal in Là-bas and En route, which recounted his conversion to Catholicism.

La Cathédrale continues the story. After his retreat at a Trappist monastery, Durtal moves to the city of Chartres, renowned for its cathedral. Huysmans describes the building in great detail.

Publishing history[edit]

Huysmans first published fourteen extracts from La cathédrale as a serial in the newspaper L'Écho de Paris, beginning on October 27, 1897. The entire novel was published as a book in January 1898. Some commentators questioned the sincerity of the author's religious beliefs, but the novel was the most commercially successful of Huysmans' works during his lifetime. He retired from his job as a civil servant and lived on his royalties.


The novel was popular and sold the most of any of his works. It was translated into English. Due to its extensive details about the cathedral, tourists often used it as a guidebook. In 2011, a revised edition was published in English.


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