La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo

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La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo
La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo 1976.jpg
Directed by Gianni Martucci
Produced by Gianfranco Couyoumdjian
Written by Giorgio Mariuzzo
Marino Onorati
Starring Angelo Pellegrini
Karin Schubert
Music by Alessandro Alessandroni
Cinematography Romano Scavolini
Release date
20 May 1976
Running time
87 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo is a 1976 commedia sexy all'italiana film directed by Gianni Martucci and launched as part of dottoressa (female doctor) sexploitation theme.


Three friends, students at the Pisa medical school are after their love adventures. Benito (Angelo Pellegrini) is trying to win the favours of Nurse Italia (Orchidea De Santis) but she seems to prefer the company of Prof. Ciotti (Gigi Ballista). Naïve Alvaro (Alvaro Vitali) is desperate to lose his virginity with his girlfriend Lella (Ely Galleani) without knowing that she lives a double life as a prostitute. Finally, Sandro (Eligio Zamara) is in love with the film's namesake Dr. Laura Bonetti (Karin Schubert), the fiancée of Prof. Paolo Cicchirini (Gastone Pescucci) who happens to be the butt of jokes at the medical school, and pretends to be sick to see her.

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