La via dei babbuini

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La via dei babbuini
La via dei babbuini.jpg
Directed byLuigi Magni
Produced byTitanus
Written byLuigi Magni
Marino Onorati
StarringCatherine Spaak
Music byArmando Trovajoli
CinematographyFranco Di Giacomo
Edited byAmedeo Salfa
Ruggiero Mastroianni
Release date
  • 1974 (1974)

La via dei babbuini is a 1974 Italian commedia all'italiana film written and directed by Luigi Magni.[1][2]


Fiorenza, a young bourgeois woman, lives in Rome with her husband Orazio. The marriage of the two is already quite saturated, even if not outwardly broken: this situation depends as much on the deliberate absence of children, as on psychological and social elements that the two spouses perceive unconsciously and differently. Fiorenza, who has rushed to Massawa to assist her father, an old colonialist she has never even known, sees him die and bury. Left alone, she does not return to her homeland but lets herself be guided by the extravagant Getulio to discover the African mystery. Horace, a cultured man but suffering from chronic infantilism, joins his wife and tries to tear her away from the continent that is almost plagiarizing her. But Fiorenza, after the tragic death of Getulio, goes towards the savannah following the path of the baboons who, unlike men, go up to the plants where the secret of their genuine nature is found.


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