Lacey Hearn

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Lacey Hearn, James Lightbody, Mike Butler and Frank Verner at the 1904 Olympic Games
Olympic medal record
Representing a Olympic flag.svg Mixed team
Silver medal – second place 1904 St. Louis 4 mile team race
Representing the  United States
Bronze medal – third place 1904 St. Louis 1500 metres

Lacey Earnest Hearn (March 23, 1881 – October 19, 1969 in Fort Wayne, Indiana) was an American athlete and sprinter who competed in the early twentieth century. Individually he specialized in the 1500 Metres, and he won a bronze medal in Athletics at the 1904 Summer Olympics. James Lightbody took gold. Hearn was also a member of the American distance team which won the silver medal at the 1904 Olympics, competing in the Chicago American team in the 4 mile team race, consisting of James Lightbody, Frank Verner, Hearn, Albert Corey and Sidney Hatch.

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