Oslo Ladegård

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The main building
The garden

Oslo Ladegård, also known as Ladegården or Old Bishop's Palace in Oslo, is a building in Gamlebyen in Oslo, Norway.

The name comes from this area being used for unloading ships with supplies for Akershus fortress after the founding of Christiania. The word "lade" means to load in this context, so "Ladegård" means loading yard or wharf. The current building was erected in 1725 in baroque style. The hall in the cellar dates from the bishop's castle from the 13th century. The building is owned by Oslo Municipality.[1] The central part of the waste garden, which originally extended to the cost, was reconstructed in 1999 after a map dating from 1779.


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Coordinates: 59°54′22″N 10°46′03″E / 59.9061°N 10.7676°E / 59.9061; 10.7676