Ladies' Night (film)

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Ladies’ Night
Directed by Gabriela Tagliavini
Produced by Epigmenio Ibarra
Inna Payán
Written by Issa López[1]
Starring Ana de la Reguera
Ana Claudia Talancón
Luis Roberto Guzmán
Fabián Corres
Distributed by Miravista
Release date
  • 2003 (2003)
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Ladies’ Night is a 2003 Mexican film[2] directed by Gabriela Tagliavini. The film is a romantic comedy about two girls who find love in modern-day Mexico City.


Alicia (Ana Claudia Talancón) is an apparently conservative girl that is about to marry, but her life takes an unexpected route when in the party before the wedding, she meets a stripper (Luis Roberto Guzmán) hired by Ana (Ana de la Reguera), a jealous friend of Alicia’s boyfriend, to upset her on this very special day.

Surprising everyone (her conservative family, her own boyfriend and even Ana herself), Alicia still decides to follow the guy. The rivalry among Ana and Alicia is thus transformed into a strong friendship, and they both show themselves as very independent women.


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