Ladon (river of Elis)

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Ladon (river of Elis) is located in Greece
Ladon (river of Elis)
Physical characteristics
 • locationPeloponnese
 • location
Pineios Reservoir
 • coordinates
37°53′26″N 21°31′35″E / 37.89056°N 21.52639°E / 37.89056; 21.52639Coordinates: 37°53′26″N 21°31′35″E / 37.89056°N 21.52639°E / 37.89056; 21.52639
Length37.7 km (23.4 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionPineiosIonian Sea

The Ladon (Ancient Greek and Katharevousa: Λάδων, Ládōn; Demotic Greek: Λάδωνας, Ládōnas), or Pineiakos Ladonas (Greek: Πηνειακός Λάδωνας), to distinguish it from the river of the same name in Arcadia, is a river of Elis in Greece. It rises in the highlands to the south of Mount Erymanthus; it flows at first through a narrow ravine, and, anciently flowed into the Peneius,[1] but now flows into the Pineios Reservoir [el], a man-made lake created by the Peneus Dam. It is 37.7 km (23.4 mi) long.[2] The river is called the Selleeis (Σελλήεις) by Homer.[3]


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