Lady Lahan Unen Moʼ

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Lady Lahan Unen Moʼ
Queen consort of Tikal
Temple II
Lady Twelve Macaw's Temple
HusbandJasaw Chan Kʼawiil I
ReligionMaya religion

Lady Lahan Unen Moʼ also known as Lady 12 Baby Macaws and Kalajuun Uneʼ Moʼ was a Maya queen of Tikal as a wife of ajaw Jasaw Chan Kʼawiil I. She was the mother of ajaw Yikʼin Chan Kʼawiil. She died in c.704.[1]

Tikal Temple II, the Temple of the Masks, was built for her.[2] It has a single wooden sculpted lintel that bears the portrait of the queen.[3]


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