Lady Mechanika

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Lady Mechanika
Cover to issue #0
Publication information
Publisher Benitez Productions
Format Ongoing series
Publication date August 2010 (debut)
No. of issues 0-6 (Vol. 1: The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse ), 1-6 (Vol. 2: The Tablet of Destinies) 1-2 (The Lost Boys of West Abbey) 1-3 (La Dama de la Muerte)
Main character(s) Lady Mechanika
Creative team
Created by Joe Benitez
Artist(s) Joe Benitez
Colorist(s) Peter Steigerwald

Lady Mechanika is a steampunk comic created by comic artist Joe Benitez.

History of the series[edit]

The Lady Mechanika, a comic series in the steampunk genre,[1] was originally planned as a six-part story.[2] Aspen MLT agreed to produce the serial and began publishing them on an infrequent basis. The first issue of Lady Mechanika, issue #0, debuted and sold out in October, 2010. The third issue was scheduled for release December 21, 2011.[3] At the Steamcon III convention, held October 2011 in Bellevue, Washington, Joe Benitez won the Airship Award in the Visual category for his work on the comic.[4] Lady Mechanika's look was inspired by steampunk fashion icon Kato.[5]

Titles in the series include Lady Mechanika: The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse, Lady Mechanika: The Tablet of Destinies, Lady Mechanika: The Lost Boys of West Abbey, and Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte.


Lady Mechanika is a detective in England at the turn of the 20th century. She is part human, part machine and is proficient with many weapons. She suffers from amnesia about her past and works to unravel the mysteries surrounding it.[2]


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