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Lady Teresa Lorraine Waugh (née Onslow; born 26 February 1940) is a British novelist and translator. She is the daughter of the 6th Earl of Onslow and his first wife, Pamela Dillon. On 1 July 1961, Lady Teresa married the author Auberon Waugh, eldest son of Evelyn Waugh.

Lady Teresa has translated such works as Anka Muhlstein's A Taste For Freedom: The life of Astolphe de Custine (2000), Benedetta Craveri's Madame Du Deffand and Her World (1994) and The Travels of Marco Polo (1984). She has also written her own novels, including Painting Water (1983), Waterloo Waterloo (1985), Intolerable Burden (1987), Song at Twilight (1989), The House (2002), Sylvia's Lot (1994), The Entertaining Book (1986) and The Gossips (1995).

Auberon and Lady Teresa Waugh had four children together: