Dos Bocas Lake

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Dos Bocas Lake
Location Arecibo / Utuado municipalities, Puerto Rico
Coordinates 18°20′08″N 66°40′03″W / 18.33556°N 66.66750°W / 18.33556; -66.66750Coordinates: 18°20′08″N 66°40′03″W / 18.33556°N 66.66750°W / 18.33556; -66.66750
Type reservoir
Basin countries Puerto Rico
Surface elevation 292 ft (89 m)

Dos Bocas Lake is a lake located in the municipalities of Arecibo and Utuado on the island of Puerto Rico. The lake was created in 1942 when a dam was constructed by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority for a hydroelectric power plant. It also serves as one of the island's potable water reservoirs. In recent years, silt has accumulated in the lake causing capacity to shrink. Silt has also made some portions of the land inaccessible by boat.

Ferries operated by the Department of Transportation of Puerto Rico provide transportation for residents on Lago Dos Bocas as well as for tourists. Several restaurants are located on the shore of the lake. Other nearby attractions include the Río Abajo State Forest.


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