Lago di Palagnedra

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Lago di Palagnedra
Aerial view from the east with Pizzo Ruscada
Lago di Palagnedra is located in Canton of Ticino
Lago di Palagnedra
Lago di Palagnedra
Coordinates46°9′34″N 8°37′37″E / 46.15944°N 8.62694°E / 46.15944; 8.62694Coordinates: 46°9′34″N 8°37′37″E / 46.15944°N 8.62694°E / 46.15944; 8.62694
Primary inflowsMelezza
Primary outflowsMelezza
Catchment area137.7 km2 (53.2 sq mi)
Basin countriesSwitzerland, Italy
Surface area25 ha (62 acres)
Water volume4.26 million cubic metres (3,450 acre⋅ft)
Surface elevation486 m (1,594 ft)

Lago di Palagnedra is a manmade lake at Palagnedra, Ticino, Switzerland. The reservoir has a capacity of 4,260,000 m3 (3,450 acre⋅ft) and a surface area of 25 ha (62 acres). The dam on the Melezza river was completed in 1952, height 72 m (236 ft).

The lake lies between Pizzo Ruscada and the Gridone. The north side of the lake is overlooked by the Domodossola-Locarno railway.

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